School Morning Assembly Script For Independence Day – August 15, 2023

“Neither wealth nor fame, no complaints whatsoever. Just make me a child of Mother India. If I become a martyr, wrap me in the tricolor flag.”

School Morning Assembly Script For Independence Day – August 15, 2023

Independence Day – August 15, 2023
Independence Day – August 15, 2023

Independence Day is a revered occasion, a gift to cherish. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the sacrifices of our leaders. Today, we stand as a sovereign nation in the global community. Good morning to our honorable chief guests, respected principal, teachers, and dear friends. We have worked diligently to cultivate our unique culture and heritage, so let us commemorate it today. On this momentous Independence Day, on behalf of School Name, I pray that this day holds special significance for all of us.

Embracing the Spirit of Freedom:
Today, as we breathe in independent India, let us remember the countless sons and daughters of our Mother Earth, their sacrifices, their offerings. Let us pay our respects to the freedom fighters, to those who fought for our freedom, to the brave souls like Narbankur and the valiant soldiers. Let’s unite beyond our cultural diversities and stand as one true Indian. As India marks its 77th Independence Day on August 15, 2023, let’s celebrate and revel in the spirit of freedom.

Lift Your Heads High:
Let us all raise our heads high and proudly declare to the world that we are Indians, a sentiment we express together. Let us chant together, “Vande Mataram… Vande Mataram… Vande Mataram.”

Commemorating ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsava’:
In conjunction with the celebration of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsava,’ an initiative by the Government of India to honor 77 years of India’s progressive independence, its remarkable history, culture, and achievements, we gather here today.

Honoring Our Chief Guest:
Ladies and gentlemen, let us extend a warm welcome to our esteemed Chief Guest of the day, (Guest’s Name), and Principal _. We are immensely grateful for your presence and acceptance of our invitation.

Flag Hoisting Ceremony:
Before we proceed, I request our Chief Guest to grace the stage for the flag hoisting ceremony. Let us stand tall and salute our national flag.

National Anthem:
(Play the National Anthem)

A Symbol of Freedom:
“A symbol of independence, a representation of a free populace, I am immersed in the pages of history. Read my stories with care, for I stand proud in independent India, draped in the tricolor.”

With these evocative words, may I invite our esteemed Chief Guest, Mr./Mrs. _, to address us.

Address by Chief Guest:
We express our deep gratitude to you, sir/ma’am, for your invaluable and inspiring words.

Focusing on ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsava’:
Dear friends, this year’s Independence Day emphasizes “Freedom Struggle, Ideas at 77, Achievements at 77, Actions at 77, and Resolve at 77.” Let us dedicate this day to our nation’s martyrs as we begin our cultural festivities. To commence, I invite the boys from Class __ for a dance performance on the theme ‘तेरी मिट्टी में मिल जावां, गुल बनके मैं खिल जावां…’ (Your soil, I shall merge within, Blossoming as a flower, A simple wish of the heart…).

Dance Performance:
(Boys’ Dance Performance)

A Tribute to Our Motherland:
A poignant portrayal, a soldier’s sentiment to his homeland – “To merge with your soil, and bloom as a garden, All I desire, that’s my heart’s burden.” Moving forward, we have a group song presentation. May I request the girls from Class 11th to grace the stage?

Group Song:
(Girls’ Group Song)

Celebrating India’s Progress:
Ladies and gentlemen, today the world recognizes India’s might and potential. From 1947 till now, our journey has been filled with achievements. Let us remain committed to our responsibilities and duties as proud Indians.

Speech by Vedant:
Now, I invite Vedant to deliver a speech.

(A Speech Emphasizing Hard Work and Dedication)

Honoring Our Heroes:
Our heroes, the freedom fighters, the soldiers – they are the reason we stand here today. We shall never forget their sacrifices.

Remembering Our Roots:
“Experience the cold, feel the warmth of the sun, Understand the protection of the nation, By witnessing the border’s vigil.”

India celebrates its Independence Day on August 15th every year. The price of our freedom has been paid with the blood of martyrs and the sacrifices of fellow citizens. Let’s cherish these chapters of history and now, I invite Ms./Mrs. __ to share a few words on this auspicious occasion of ‘Azadi Ka Mahotsava.’

Closing Thoughts:
My dear friends, Independence Day is a precious blessing. Let us always value our independence. With these thoughts, I conclude.


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